The PROTECT community platform

PROTECT seeks to support urgent action for climate adaptation and mitigation through innovation procurement procedures. It specifically aims to enable public authorities from different European regions to collaborate on a joint pre-commercial procurement.

This platform aims at hosting the PROTECT community of public buyers and procurers and provide them with a safe and user-friendly space to learn, develop share and exchange ideas and good practices.

The platform in a nutshell


The Directory provides an overview of all the CMP members and allows to search for their profiles.


The e-catalogue presents all the providers of solutions and services-based Earth Observation addressing climate change adaptation and mitigation challenges and needs.

Mapping tool

The mapping tool helps identifying the country/ region where the CMP members are located.


The discussion forum provides a collaborative space for CMP members to exchange ideas, tips, and good practices with their peers, and to ask questions about in Earth Observation applications in specific sectors and domains.


The e-library centralises all kinds of resources and materials about Earth Observation, innovation procurement, and climate change adaptation and mitigation accessible by CMP members.

News from the PROTECT community platform

TEST FC (2023-11-21)


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Test Tuesday (2023-11-21)

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Webinar on Practical aspects of Innovation Procurement (2023-04-04)

During the webinar on the Practical aspects of Innovation Procurement, participants discovered:- How public authorities can benefit from Climate Services? - How to successfully prepare an Innovation Procurement by using the EAFIP step-by-step methodology? - What are the lessons learned and rec...

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